Why Somatic Coaching?

What do you care about creating in your life? 

What gets in the way of that happening?

Each of us has answers to these questions, but you may not have taken the time or gotten the support you need to investigate them. Maybe your attempts at change were short-lived. Or, you've tried "everything," only to find that you are still riddled with anxiety, stuck in ongoing patterns, or feeling lost—without a clear sense of direction or purpose.

You've likely said that you "know" what you ought to do differently. But the truth is, insight alone rarely produces transformation—as much as our thinking-obsessed culture has taught us differently. This is because our historic ways of being—of feeling, and acting—live in areas of our brain that are older, less conscious, faster to interpret situations negatively, and that have stronger signals than our logical, thought-producing pre-frontal cortex.

Like the code of an operating system, our embodied ways of being run and architect our experience via the autonomic nervous system—our auto-pilot system. Without more than our thinking-Self online, we run the risk of attempting to change by driving with one foot on the gas and one foot on the break—running a lot of fuel but going nowhere. We get stuck.

In somatic coaching, we get quiet and curious; we engage the soma—the body in all its wholeness and history—listening for what it can teach us. Where we are stuck in life is mapped and held in the body. We become explorers. We look for signs pointing to faulty strategies we learned early in life, which were meant to ensure our safety, dignity, and belonging, but that are long overdue for an upgrade and now get in our way. We find what is no longer working for us by looking beyond our conscious awareness.

But, somatic coaching is about how we move forward and create the lives we wish to live. As we increase our somatic awareness, we also discover what in us has always been there, working on our behalf, wanting to emerge—the true source of our resilience: our aliveness. By bringing ourselves more in alignment with this flow, we move from an information-based style of learning into embodied learning. We can then reclaim our ability to generate choices and actions that will get us where we want to go. Our foot is less likely to hit the brake and we more easily move forward.