The imBODIED class

We need each other to heal.

 imBODIED is built on the belief that we can only heal if we heal in connection with others. As social animals, we’re designed to learn, grow, and thrive in safe, nurturing connection. When that doesn’t happen, we can get stuck in protection mode, constantly strategizing—afraid of what we crave most in life: contact.

 This is the dis-ease of today.

 And this has oriented much of how we approach healing.


What if our yoga mats and cushions have become our cubicles?

The number of us who are panicked, anxious, numbed out, lonely, etc. is an epidemic. And, without quite realizing it, we feel isolated even in our pursuits to heal. The mainstream ethos tells us we need more stillness, self care, and more individual skills, strength, and resilience to feel better—to feel healed. But while we're busy working on ourselves, we struggle–trying to fix ourselves to get somewhere else. We continually crave others, yet believe our need for contact means we have more work to do. But nourishing contact with each other is vital medicine for our time.

imBODIED brings us back together.

During imBODIED classes and workshops, we practice and share openly as a group. By feeding our systems a feeling of communal safety, we peel back patterns of isolation and extreme self-reliance. We feel what it is to not have to go it alone. We move to teach the cells of our body that embodied presence and action are possible.

imBODIED is a gym for our nervous system, helping us learn to stay present within the ups and downs of our days. By blending somatic awareness, self-generated movement (inspired by Ohad Naharin’s Gaga), nervous system regulation principles, and group sharing, imBODIED offers a path for increasing our capacity to engage with life—together.

And we begin wherever we are. No previous movement experience—or experience with somatics—is required.

The imBODIED workshop provided me with a great new insight: presence is not just meditating on a cushion, but moving through the world in a grounded, engaged, and interconnected way.
— Rachael G.
imBODIED is about being with all that is: my thoughts, my feelings, my past, present and vision — it all makes up what I am — bringing a sense of ease to exactly where I am now. What an amazing opportunity to practice being yourself.
— Guryan T.
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Principles of the imBODIED Method

The imBODIED method offers space to move through five core principles of practice.


1. Room to Notice:

We turn toward what arises.

In imBODIED, we are present using more than our eyes and thinking-selves, because we see more by feeling more. We hold space for what wants to emerge—including any impulse to avoid, shutdown, fix, or get rid of. We don’t prioritize sensations over thoughts, emotions over blankness, or clarity over confusion. We make room for what is.

Courage becomes a practice.


2. Room to Be With:

We anchor ourselves through connection.

In imBODIED, we practice with our eyes open and learn that going inward doesn't have to mean going alone. The antidote to our suffering isn’t doubling-down on criticism and self-improvement strategies. It’s open, loving presence. Acceptance becomes a felt experience, as we notice what feeling safe and seen produces in us. We build supportive relationship into our tissue.

Compassion becomes a practice.


3. Room to Move:

We allow ourselves to move and be moved.

Life isn't static—it’s dynamic and unpredictable. Our challenge is to cultivate presence in the activity of our busy lives. By inviting in movement, we get to know how we show up when we’re out of our comfort zone. And we create charge in our body to wake up from years of numbness and disconnection. Heat, tension, judgments, breath, tingling, emotion—we move with whatever arises.

Letting go becomes a practice.


4. Room to Include More:

We expand our capacity for aliveness.

Fear may cause us to contract and get small, but it’s not the enemy—it’s fueled by our inherent dignity and self-worth. We move to fight, flight, freeze, and shut down because our life matters.

In imBODIED, we bring presence to our nervous system’s activation so that we feel—perhaps, for the first time—how our bodies have always been on our side. We blend with what we resist and invite in what lies beyond. We connect our effort to our liveness to become containers for more of life to flow freely.

Resilience becomes a practice.


5. Room to Choose:

We embody agency and act from what matters.

Through the practice of imBODIED, we reclaim our ability to activate and engage so that we can know rest rather than sedation. By connecting to ourselves and others, we naturally open. As we wind down, we trust our system's ability to settle and ground. Aliveness runs through our stillness.

To end our practice, we invite group reflection. By bringing language to what seems ineffable, our experience comes into clear view. We notice what it’s like to speak from our embodied presence: tapped into our knowing, aligned with what matters, able to envision a positive future.

Possibility becomes a practice.

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Today, I realized that I don’t have to pretend to hate my body because the rest of society says it’s unacceptable, thanks to David Martinez and his incredible imBODIED method.
— Carmen P.
I discovered a permission to move and breathe into areas I had locked off, my breath dropped. In a meaningful way, moving from my tension allowed me to work through my feelings of exhaustion and general unease. I felt connected and alive again.
— Shawn H.
I’m still processing all that I experienced during the imBODIED workshop. It was powerful! Perhaps the most dramatic was the release of my back pain, which miraculously, has not returned. I also became more aware of holding ‘knowing’ about my physical self in my head at the expense of listening and responding from within my body. I would recommend this workshop for everyone—especially those who have tried a myriad of modalities with limited results.
— Charlene N.
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