Somatic Coaching

More than talk—transformation

Somatics offers a radically different approach to growth and healing than traditional talking-led approaches.

In somatic coaching, we feel first—working through the body using dialogue, embodied mindfulness, physical practices, and touch. By entering at the level of sensation and emotion, we ground the thinking-self into the knowing of the body.

We get quiet and curious—we become explorers, together.

The first step is understanding what you care about, what you want in your life. We take time to get clear on who you’d be at the end of our work together—orienting toward the life that wants to emerge. We can then look at and be with the habits, experiences, feelings, and beliefs that keep you stuck in patterns that no longer serve you. You commit to practices that cultivate new embodied ways of being.

Through presence and practice, healing happens.

Vitality returns as energy spent in protection-mode frees up. New possibilities emerge as you direct your aliveness toward what you care about. You learn to embody new skills and act from a place of presence, openness, and connection. You are the change you wished to see.

How coaching works

Learning and growing in relationship is, in many ways, the ultimate path. From embodying extreme self-reliance to deep isolation, many of us feel burdened by all the ways we’ve had to “figure it out,” craving to not have to work so hard—alone.

I am an ally and supportive guide.

My role is to partner with you. While we are in the process together, the work of somatic coaching belongs entirely to you. I facilitate contact with your inner-knowing, listening for and leading by what arises throughout our sessions and in between. My primary tool is the art of asking questions—inquiring into your experience, including what might be outside of your awareness and unknowable. Any reflection or insight I offer is only valuable in so far as it lands true for you; your system is the wisest leader in the room.

This way of working allows us to be in an ongoing practice of building and trusting your embodied presence and agency, through the container of a safe and supportive coaching relationship.  

The first session I had with David was profound. It was a deep unlock. Not because I had found the answers to the universe—but because he shined a light on parts of my interior world that had never been seen before. And that simple effect opened up new curiosity and empathy and lightened what had previously felt so thick.
— Nell W.
The progress I’ve made with David in just a few sessions is nothing short of profound.

I’ve had anxiety-triggered pain in my body for years—that he helped me unwind in just a matter of weeks. This kind of letting go has freed me up to become a happier human, better teacher and partner, and a re-inspired business owner.
— Caitlin K.
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Sessions range from 55-minutes to 85-minutes in length, in person or remotely via video conference or phone. 

Within a session, the methods we use are designed according to the goals of our work and what arises in the process.

These may include: 

  • Conversation

  • Bringing attention to the felt experiences in the body

  • Orienting in the environment

  • Guided somatic practices (seated, standing, partnering)

  • Meditation

  • Bodywork (clothed, based on Polarity Therapy)

  • Designing and committing to practices and actions

  • Check-ins between sessions (pre-arranged or as needed)

Somatic coaching is a commitment to your growth and relies on consistency and momentum. While single sessions can be offered, clients are asked to commit to a series of at least 10 sessions.

Payment for coaching engagement packages is preferred upfront.

To make my work accessible to a range of individuals, I offer payment plans and a number of sliding-scale spots. I encourage anyone who is financially challenged to have a dialogue with me about their needs.

Free Somatic Coaching Consultation

Somatic Coaching is an experiential process of partnership. Let’s have a conversation to see how it can help you.

Schedule a free 30-minute introductory session by booking online or reaching out through my contact page

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Find out about how I came to somatics and the creation of imBODIED.

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