A Movement Meditation for Our Time

We need each other to heal.

Our deepest hurts didn’t happen when we were by ourselves. Growing up, what we needed most wasn’t more alone time or self-care.

We’re social animals designed to thrive in safe, nurturing connection. When that doesn’t happen, we get stuck in protection mode, afraid of what we need most in life: contact.

We can go our whole lives thinking something was and is wrong with us, hoping to find safety and belonging by figuring out how we need to be.

Is it any wonder that we work so hard at fixing ourselves as adults? That we clock into our yoga mats and meditation cushions like cubicles, using our ancient practices to reinforce our isolation by focusing only on our self-improvement?

imBODIED is a practice anchored in the transformative power of supportive relationship—with ourselves, others, our community, and our environment.