A Movement Meditation for Our Time

We may need more than our ancient practices for the busy, tech-hijacked bodies we’re in today. Living a full life requires more than stillness or calming ourselves down—our presence must move with us into dynamic action that connects us beyond ourselves. 

At imBODIED, we learn to let go by first embracing our body’s innate, wise efforts to galvanize and come to our aid. We allow ourselves to move, making space for the stress and anxiety that we tend to resist or try to fix. By connecting with our effort, we discover that our bodies are working hard at more than our survival—they are fighting for our full expression, our dignity, and belonging.

We find that we aren’t helpless or stuck—we are resilient.

And that we aren't alone. The imBODIED workshop is a 90-minute, group experience. We practice with our eyes open, taking in our environment and the people around us. We learn that to go inward doesn't have to mean leaving—I can be with me even as I'm with you

imBODIED is a self-development practice that is anchored in the ultimate design of our species: to be in relationship.