Hi, I’m David Martinez

An ally committed to your embodied learning, growth, and healing

They say that no one can guide you where they haven’t been themselves. Throughout my life, healing through my body has been imperative and the invisible thread that lead me to create imBODIED.

I believe we’re in a time of deep collective transformation. I am a stand for helping people “come online” to their embodied self, so that we wake up and do the work necessary to embody the values that support all lives.

With the sensitivity of an artist, David holds space to help you clear the fog. He gets us out of our heads and into our bodies—making room for the body to speak its unique message and providing tools to help us hear it.
— Cynthia K.
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My Story

When we heal our trauma, our story becomes one of resilience, reuniting with aliveness, and the capacity to envision and create a positive future.

I am a survivor of childhood and adult traumatic events who has come back into my body and nourishing contact with life. 

It’s been a journey I would never trade.  

In my first career, as a professional modern dancer, dancing for the Martha Graham Dance Company and others, I trained to control my body—to transform my early trauma into a picture of strength and dignity. 

At thirty-years-old, my body said no more telling it what to do, and I was hit psychogenic non-epileptic seizures. With more than twenty seizures a day, I was living in the heart of helplessness and powerlessness. My trauma became undeniably visible.

I was admitted into prominent New York hospitals, nurses googled my symptoms, and a head of psychiatry admitted defeat, saying, “I’ll be honest—we don’t know what these are.”

Even after landing in the care of a prominent Neurologist (named Siddhartha !?!?), who knew about these seizures, I was left without a clear treatment. “There’s no medication we can give you,” he said. “You’re at a doorway—and it’s up to you to find your way through what’s on the other side.”

As a child and into adulthood, numerous professionals missed the signs or had little-to-no training to see, be with, and help resolve the psychobiological roots of trauma. Blinded by the Cartesian, mechanistic view of the self, the edges of what modern medicine could accept became my purgatory; I could only progress as far as they had. I suffered within a system that insisted it was expert and capable. But just like my family of origin, it was missing crucial ingredients for care.

I joined and left the first national clinical trial studying these seizures, convinced that the root of the issue wasn’t my thinking and behavior (as their model believed)—it was embedded in my body.

I was determined to heal—and I followed my inner knowing.

From Somatic Experiencing trauma therapy to an Israeli movement approach based on sensation called Gaga, I explored a range of somatic and mindfulness methods. My capacity to feel more increased. I could face more of my experience and stay present.

I don’t say that my seizures disappeared. Healing is not a sudden moment of release; the golden key to freedom is actually a long and dedicated path. From the spaciousness and new resources cultivated through somatics, my seizures shrank. I can be with their echo but they exist wholly in the past.

I rebuilt my life and entered into the world of digital advertising, tech, and design—experiencing the corporate world and a new arena that thrived on override and over-work, sustained by feeling very little. 

Three years ago, it became clear that I cared more about people than pixels. It was time to reorient my life to what truly matters.

After years of deep work and training, I’ve moved into somatics to make embodied approaches to healing accessible.

As a certified somatic coach, I bring my lifetime of ongoing learning, practice, and healing into a professional methodology from the Strozzi Institute.

As the creator of the imBODIED method, I have distilled experiences in somatics, trauma recovery, nervous system regulation, contemporary dance, and meditation into a powerful group somatic practice.

Through each of my offerings, I show up from the depth of my living history—with its knowing, resilience, and aliveness—to meet and honor yours.

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