More than A Somatic Coach

An ally committed to your embodied learning, growth, and transformation. 

No coach can do your work for you. And no coach can guide you where they haven’t been themselves. Throughout my life, getting into my body has been imperative; it is the invisible thread that lead me here. 

My mission is to to help people come online to their whole Selves— so that, collectively, we wake up, do our work, and embody the values that support all lives. 

As a certified somatic coach, I bring my lifetime of learning, discovering, and healing into a professional methodology from the Strozzi Institute. As the creator of the imBODIED method, I have distilled experiences in somatics, trauma recovery, nervous system regulation, contemporary dance, and meditation into a distinct somatic practice.

In each role, I show up from the depth of my unfolding story—with its resilience and aliveness—to meet and honor yours.