imBODIED offers somatic methods for embodied discovery, healing, and transformation. Through one-on-one somatic coaching and the imBODIED group practice—somatic coaching through the moving collective body—modern embodiment becomes accessible and revolutionary.


The self oriented in, and acting from, the interconnected layers of bodily experience: sensation, emotion, thought, physical form, actions, and relationship.


An holistic path and methodology of human understanding and change. From the greek word soma, meaning the living organism in all its wholeness—not as a thing—but as an ever-evolving process of lived experience. 

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Bodies matter.

The reign of “I think therefore I am” is over. Our brain alone doesn’t define our intelligence or us.

Life is more than thinking, more than what we intellectually know. It’s what we experience, what we feel, what we do, and how we relate. Life is an embodied experience.

We don’t have bodies—we are bodied.

Yes, our rational minds are important. But when we see our mind and body as separate, we lose touch with ourselves and struggle to feel connected with others. Loss of purpose, anxiety, loneliness, depression, violence, stress-conditions, tribalism, addictions, disease—the list of ways we suffer in disconnection is long.

Feel. Better. Together.

imBODIED offers a practical, body-based approach to come into deeper presence with yourself and others for the sake of individual and collective healing. My workshops and somatic coaching offer tools that make modern embodiment accessible and meaningful.

By being with all levels of bodily experience, imBODIED teaches how to live in a way that works with life, not against it. Together, we focus on resources rather than problems, integration rather than fixing, interconnectedness rather than self-reliance, and resilience rather than perfection.

Learn to live from your aliveness.

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Sometimes we need the help of others, to learn to see ourselves, and David and his method are powerful guides.
— Cynthia K.

Learn about the imBODIED Method

The imBODIED method is a group somatic practice that builds awareness, connection, and resilience.

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