Healing is available right now.

Today, we need relevant help and support that can meet us where we are—in our bodies.

imBODIED is a new approach to wellness and healing that radically shifts how we orient toward the self, each other, and the path and time it takes to feel better. We’re offering alternatives to the solo healing journey that takes a lifetime to figure out. We let life lead over trauma, put mutual support alongside self-care, and make healing accessible every step of the way.

Through group practice and somatic coaching, we drop into a felt sense of our bodies to discover more than our thinking selves: we discover what it feels like to be truly bodied. Through working with a coach and as a collective in practice, we discover what’s possible when we can lean on others to experience the aliveness that lives inside us right now.

imBODIED Class

A group movement meditation made for our time and our needs.

Somatic Coaching

A methodology for learning, growth, and healing that goes beyond traditional talking-led approaches.

David really puts the body in mind/body. I feel grateful and changed by the experience of learning to embrace embodiment. I wish I had this sort of experience much earlier in life.
— Andrew H.
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Because what got us here won’t necessarily get us to where we’re going.

We’re forging a paradigm shift and pushing beyond the boundaries of traditional methodology. Many of our old, and widely-used, models of self-discovery emphasize self reliance and “figuring out” healing. Many of our practices focus too much on the “self” in self-development. There is so much to be learned from past methods, but we’re still suffering, feeling more disconnected than ever, and—just maybe—we need more.

We see a future where there is nowhere to get to, that has us suffering less now, because we learn to embody a different path of wellness, transformation, and healing. We learn to live from our aliveness today—imperfectly whole and available to life.

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What makes imBODIED unique

Whether in somatic coaching or group somatic practice, imBODIED is oriented to three core distinctions about what it means to heal.

Our foundational beliefs

We don’t have to wait to heal.

Like a drop of water being of the entire ocean, we see coming into our direct experience—where and as we are now—as a pure moment of healing to build on. There’s nothing to figure out. We all have the resources inside us to access this life within us. We simply need tools and guidance.

Healing happens together.

We are communal beings, and it’s natural to crave deep, meaningful connection. We don’t need more time alone so that we can crave less. We invite contact with each other to learn that it’s safe and nourishing to need each other.


Movement over stillness.

Life is movement. Yes, we want to cultivate being versus just doing, but practicing pausing alone won’t help us learn how to safely activate and engage. Our busy lives—and world—need us to shift from living from stress to running the energy of aliveness and move with the flow of life.

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I worked with David because I had the distinct and intuitive feeling that he knew something about how to connect the dots in ways that other practitioners miss.
— Nell W.
What’s different about working with David is that I could feel healing happening every step of the way.
— Leigh F.
Sometimes we need the help of others to learn to see ourselves, and David and his method are powerful guides.
— Cynthia K.
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Learn about the imBODIED class

The imBODIED class is a group somatic practice for everyone that builds awareness, connection, and resilience.

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